It's time to Take Your Fat Loss and Your Confidence to the Next Level!

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It's time to Take Your Fat Loss and Your Confidence to the Next Level!

Transform your life at any stage: Achieve lasting weight loss and empowerment with our expert, tailored training for busy women aged 30-60. Embrace excellence, continuous improvement and self-actualisation with results oriented programs, both online and in-person. Reclaim control of your body and feel better than ever - even when everything else has failed. Start your journey to a better you today! Contact Alison Shaw Health and Fitness now.

The Quickest Way To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey!

Fitness Discovery Call

With 7 years of experience and passion for helping women like you achieve their fitness goals, I’m selective about who I work with. That’s why our first step is to understand your current fitness level - it’s essential for crafting a plan tailored just for you. Then, we’ll discuss your goals and determine if we’re the perfect fit to make them happen together. Ready to start your journey to a healthier you? Let’s chat and see how we can make your fitness dream a reality - starting now!

What You’ll Do Before the Call

You'll need to complete my pre-exercise screening form so I can get a complete understanding of your physical history so we can create a baseline to work from.

What Happens During the Call

We'll start to dig in deep and explore exactly what you've done in the past and most importantly what your future fitness goals look like and the game plan to get there!

What Are The Next Steps?

Once we are crystal clear on the game plan, I will present to you exactly how I work with clients, this inludes all the program offerrings and investment options.

About Alison Shaw

Driven by a profound commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, self-actualization, and tangible results, my journey has been anything but ordinary. My career began in the vibrant world of music, where I dedicated myself to nurturing talent and creativity as a music teacher. This experience honed my ability to listen, inspire, and guide individuals towards achieving their personal best, laying the foundational values that would shape my future endeavors.

The call for justice and a passion for advocating on behalf of those without a voice led me to a fulfilling career as a criminal lawyer. In the courtroom, I fought tirelessly for fairness and integrity, qualities that are deeply embedded in my work ethic. However, it was during this time that I recognised a different kind of need—a need for empowerment, not just in the legal sense but in personal well-being and confidence.

Transitioning from the legal world to the realm of fitness was driven by a clear vision: to help women reclaim control over their lives through physical health. I saw firsthand how the pursuit of physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional balance was crucial for holistic well-being. This understanding became the cornerstone of my mission as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

Today, I channel my diverse background and values into empowering women through fitness. My approach is unique, integrating lessons learned from music and law into creating a supportive, empowering environment for women. I use personal training and group exercise as powerful tools to instill strength, happiness, and confidence in the lives of women. For me, fitness is more than physical—it's a pathway to rediscovering one's power, resilience, and joy.

My commitment to excellence is reflected in the personalized attention and tailored programs I offer, always striving for continuous improvement in both myself and those I coach. The journey towards self-actualization is a shared one; by achieving results that extend beyond the gym, we embark on a transformative process together. My goal is to not only change bodies but to inspire a profound and lasting change in how women perceive and navigate their worlds.

At the heart of my coaching philosophy is empathy and the value of support. Recognizing the unique challenges each woman faces, I approach coaching with a deep sense of understanding and compassion, creating a space where individuals feel seen, heard, and valued. This empathetic foundation ensures that every woman I work with receives not just physical training, but a supportive partnership that fosters emotional and mental growth alongside physical strength. Together, we build a community of empowered women, ready to take on the world with confidence.

These people took this first step...

Fitness Discovery Call

Lalita, North Rocks

I have been training with Alison 3 times a week for over two years now and have not looked back. She’s made me stronger and she keeps me accountable. She always corrects me if my form is incorrect to avoid any injuries. My sessions with Alison are at 5:30am so there are times when I don’t feel like getting up, but after the session, she works me so hard and I ALWAYS feel better after a workout with her. I aim to train with her for a long time to come as I see so much benefit mentally and physically.

Kavitha, Toongabbie

Both my 13 year old and I train with Alison. We both enjoy working with her and she would be perfect for people with any level of fitness.

Lisa, Toongabbie

Alison is amazing and really tailored the workout to my needs. I’ve had previous injuries and wanted to build up strength and lose weight for my particular age and stage. Her one on one training and experience really got me on track to achieving my goals! Alison’s sunny disposition and motivating approach makes the sessions fly by. If you have tried a trainer before and given up..don’t despair - Alison is the real deal so get in contact! Would recommend to all

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